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Gifts for Someone Struggling with Anxiety

When somebody is struggling with anxiety, worry or overthinking, it can be hard to know how best to support them. This collection of our favourites includes a variety of gift ideas to help ease anxiety, calm your worries and help you ease your mind. 

We have a wide range of stationery, books, journals and affirmation cards that make the perfect gift to help your loved one manage their anxiety. 

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Our Favourite Notepads and Planners to Gift for Anxiety

Loads of our colourful and supportive notepads make excellent gifts for somebody working through their anxiety. Each of them have positive psychology techniques built in to them, so your loved one can calm themselves when they feel overwhelmed. Our Calm Your Mind notepad features tips and techniques to help calm your nervous system during anxious periods. Our Overthinking Brain Dump is also really helpful for getting your thoughts down onto paper so you can sift through them, and focus on what's within your control. Our Anxious Minds In Uncertain Times Planner allows you to plan your day as normal but also includes some helpful self-care techniques for you to utilise whenever you feel anxious.

Our Favourite Books and Journals to Gift to Anxious People

Both the Anxiety Journal and Anxiety Workbook make great gifts for your loved one who is struggling with anxiety. They offer advice and support, as well as exercises for you to work through to help regain some control. The Note to Self Journal is another really meaningful gift, as it's filled with uplifting and colourful illustrations that offer really support advice for anxiety.

Best Affirmation Card Decks for Anxiety

Our favourite is definitely our Remindfuls for Overthinkers. The deck contains 50 empathetic and supportive cards, each with calming, pastel patterns, and feature 50 reminders to help during those times when anxiety and worry overwhelm you.

Enamel Pin Gifts featuring Reminders for Anxiety

We designed a range of enamel lapel pins, designed specifically for those times when anxiety gets the better of you, and they make a sweet and heartfelt gift. Each one features an important reminder to help you ground yourself and not let your worries get the better of you. Check out Worry Can't Change The Future, Regret Can't Change The Past, Focus On What You Can Control, and Overthinking Rarely Makes It Better.

Gifts for Anxious Children

Our What Am I Worried About notepad is a great gift for any child who is struggling with anxiety. Sensory toys are also really helpful for giving children something else to focus on, and distract themselves when they're feeling anxious.