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Self-Help Books & Journals for Your Mental Health

We've got a wide range of self-help books and journals to help you manage anxiety, de-stress, boost your confidence and practice self-care. Take a look at our full collection for children, teens, and adults to help you feel more resilient, confident and positive.

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Self-Help Books for Anxiety

If you're struggling with anxiety, The Anxiety Journal has been one of our favourites since Day One. It helps you to identify negative thought-cycles, and offers tips and techniques you can implement to manage your worries. The Anxiety Workbook is another bestseller, thanks to it's use of research-supported CBT techniques and helpful exercises. 

Self-Help Books for Confidence

If you have low self-esteem, Ditch Your Inner Imposter is full of practical tips and inspirational advice to help give you a confidence boost. 

Mood Trackers for Self-Care

Mood Trackers are a fantastic way of practicing self-care and looking after your mental health. My Mood Tracker is a fun and practical way of monitoring your moods, helping you to find out what's happening with your thoughts and feelings, so you can take steps to improve things. My Life Tracker and My Happiness Tracker are great too for helping you to explore specific aspects of your life! And Colour My Mood is an extra-adorable version, with bonus cute critters to help! 

Self-Help Books for Children and Teenagers

If you're shopping for a teenager, the Self-Care Kit for Stressed Out Teens offers practical self-care tips to help them put their mental health first and build healthy habits. If you're shopping for younger children, The Calm Workbook and Be Resilient are fun and interactive books which make the topic of mental health engaging, and help them to learn about their thoughts and feelings from a young age.