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Self-Care Planners, Notepads and Mental Health Stationery

Our planners and notepads are one of our favourite resources for helping you to manage your mental health. Each one of our colourful planners utilises positively psychology tools to help you manage your anxiety, de-stress, and practice self care. 

We've built practices like mindfulness, gratitude and mood tracking into each one to help you understand how you're feeling, boost your mood and make your mental health a priority. 

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Our Favourite Self-Care Planners

Self-Care makes a huge difference to our mental health and it's so much easier when we can schedule it into every day life. Our Making Time for Me Self-Care Planner focuses on the seven different types of self-care, so it gives you inspiration for different self-care activities. The One Day at A Time Planner is more of a traditional weekly planner, however it includes space for you to plan self-care, track your mood and practice gratitude, all of which are great for your mental health!

Best Self-Care Planners for Anxiety and Stress

Our Anxious Minds in Uncertain Times Planner allows you to plan your day as normal, but also includes some positive psychology tools and techniques to help you practice self-care when you feel overwhelmed. Our Calm Your Mind notepad is a great resource to keep on hand, in case your anxiety and stress kicks in. It includes some helpful grounding exercises to work through your anxiety and help you calm down. Our Overthinking Brain Dump is also great for encouraging you to get your worries out of your mind and on to paper, so you can action plan your way through them!

Best Self-Care Planners for Positive Thinking

We designed our See The Good notepad to complete at the start or the end of the day, to reflect on good things that have happened and to focus on all the positive things in life! Something From Today is another great resource which prompts you to think of things which made your day better.

Best Self-Care Planners for Children

Our How Am I Feeling notepad is a great way to help children understand their emotions and identify how they're feeling, using colourful emojis and relatable language. Our Flip It Notepad is a quick and easy tool to help children reframe negative experiences and feelings into positive ones.