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A Poem About Panic Attacks by Kerri

A Poem About Panic Attacks by Kerri
I am Kerri, married mother to one, step mum to four. I haven't returned to work properly since having my son 13+yrs ago. I have suffered with anxiety, depression and OCD in the past, and after having my son, and anxiety again a year ago after being unwell.
I have tried most things - reiki, crystals, tapping, essential oils, you name it - and I am on anti-depressants at the moment which I took reluctantly but have been helpful.
Thankfully I'm pretty good at the moment. This poem is about panic attacks and I shared it amongst others for Mental Health week on Facebook last year hoping that it would help others who suffer too :)
I love to write both poems and stories and I crochet which I find helps me to be seated and relaxed.