Feeling the frustation? Anger in the time of Coronavirus

Feeling the frustation? Anger in the time of Coronavirus

Feeling the frustation? Anger in the time of Coronavirus

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According to some psychological studies, we're at that point in lockdown where the anger and frustration usually kicks in. A lot of us have either been cooped up indoors for weeks on end, or we've been working through really tough and stressful circumstances. Either way, life has become a bit of a hamster wheel for a lot of people and our tolerance for little annoyances might be slipping. 

It's perfectly natural, there's a lot to be frustrated about in the world. And the circumstances themselves are frustrating. Having our way of life turned upside down for three months is something none of us could ever plan for or expect, so it's only right to find it tough.

Although this anger is justifiable, we need to be careful at where we're directing it. Anger can be a useful emotion at times, as it helps us to right wrongs, but we need to be mindful of who is on the receiving end. We're at the end of our tethers, we probably have a shorter fuse than normal and this might spill out and get directed at people around us.

It's always good to do a bit of an emotional MOT from time to time, to check in on how you're really feeling. So ask yourself the question - am I feeling angry? Am I getting frustrated more easily? Am I finding my tolerance for minor inconveniences to be pretty low? 

If it is, it's a good idea to spend time with these feelings. Don't feel bad for feeling them, it's human nature. But ask yourself what you're truly angry about. What is the root cause deep down? Is it something you have control over? Are there some actions you can take to ease this anger?

Spend some time thinking about your anger, getting to understand it and what it's telling you, and hopefully some of these frustrated feelings will start to dissipate.

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