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5 Self Care Tips for Parents this Summer

5 Self Care Tips for Parents this Summer

When you’re a child, the start of the long summer holiday might just be one of the best times of the year… when you’re a parent, it can be one of the most stressful. You’ll need to fill a lot of empty hours, fend off endless screen requests, manage expectations, perhaps juggle work alongside child care, and somehow create a fun and memorable summer. It’s not easy! 

If you’re already feeling under pressure, here are some self-care tips to help reduce stress and look after yourself across the holidays.

It’s OK to slow down 

Many of us start by planning out a rota of activities to keep everyone entertained, but end up rushing around for the whole six weeks and hit September totally exhausted. Lean towards a diary with more space and downtime instead. You’ll probably be able to add things in if you need to – it’s harder to scale down and back out of arrangements. 

Some days might be a little on the boring side, but that’s OK. Learning to manage boredom and being comfortable with a slower pace is an important experience, and can be a great opportunity for creative ideas.

Keep a (relaxed) routine going

A slower pace might sound like endless pyjama days on the sofa, but there’s a lot to be said for keeping a daily routine in place. Maybe you’ll be staying up a little later, but try to stick to reasonable bedtimes, and wake up at a consistent time each morning. 

Having a shape to the day is reassuring, and zero structure can actually be stressful for children, so let them know what to expect. Sticking more or less to your normal rhythms, whether that’s regular chores or agreed limits on screen time, also makes it easier to shift back into the school routine in September.

There will probably be more foodie treats over the summer, but stay fuelled with healthy meals and snacks and keep hydrated – everyone will be in a more stable mood (as tempting as it may be to crank up the caffeine and sugar!) 

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