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Just A Card Week Challenge - Day 2 - Spiffy - The Happiness Shop

Just A Card Week Challenge - Day 2

Just A Card Week Challenge - Day 2

Day 2: What the message behind Just A Card means to us

The message behind the Just A Card campaign is simple: that every purchase you make from independent shops, designers and makers is so significant to their survival, even if it's "just a card".

And we really couldn't agree more! 

Being a small business is exciting but it’s also packed full of challenges. It’s a bit of a battle field out there to get your voice heard in amongst the big boys. That’s why it is so important to shop independent

Don't be fooled by the saying "Do a job you love and you never work a day in your life" - It's true that we love everything we do, but it's still challenging on a daily basis! 

Every sale, however small, feels like winning the lottery because it’s validation that what we’re doing is right and is working. You’re investing in us. We’re sharing our dream. It may be ‘just a card’ to you but it means so much more to us! 

On a more serious note, it really could mean the difference between growth and closure as running a business is expensive work! Most small businesses don’t have multi-millionaire investors to boost their cash flow. That’s why we try to source our stock from small indie suppliers and share the support!

So that’s just a few reasons why the Just A Card message means so much to us!

Oh, and yes - we absolutely do a happy dance as soon as you've walked out the door!

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