The Little Book of Postivity - Teen Edition (Book by Kelly Robinson-Key)

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A book for a teen, a book for you.
A book to find positivity and courage too.
Find a space that's quiet and calm.
Sit down to read the book in your palm.

If you are struggling with things in your day, whether it is social media, body confidence, or having courage then this book is for you.

This is a book that has been written and illustrated by Kelly Robinson-Key and is filled with positive and inspirational rhymes. After writing The Little Book Of Positivity, Kelly was asked to write a version for teenagers, so she did. She has spoken about all sorts of things that she dealt with as a teenager and written them in rhyme form.

This book also makes a wonderful gift for someone who needs a boost.

It is 5'' x 8'' and has 70 rhymes and illustrations in the book.

This is a paperback book with black and white ink inside.