Serenity Colour-Changing Ultrasonic Diffuser

Serenity Colour-Changing Ultrasonic Diffuser


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Bring the natural healing power of essential oils into your home today with this beautiful crafted colour-changing ultrasonic diffuser.

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to promote physical and emotional balance in our lives. Essential oils have the power to promote relaxation, relieve stress, boost energy, uplift the spirit, clear the mind, increase concentration, induce a good night's sleep and offer many more therapeutic benefits.

Inhalation is one of the most common and easiest ways to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and using them in a diffuser is by far the best way. As the essential oil molecules are breathed in, they help stimulate parts of the brain that influence physical, mental and emotional health.

About This Diffuser

The Serenity Colour-Changing Ultrasonic Diffuser has a stylish white ceramic cover, complete with a colour changing spectrum light. The LED mood lighting helps to promote a relaxing atmosphere and includes a candelight mode which mimics a flickering flame. It also functions with whisper quiet operation so you can enjoy the soothing ambience.

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  • Pure White CeramicÔªø
  • LED Mood Lighting
  • Built in safety features - auto shut-off when water level gets low or if overheated
  • Whisper quiet ultrasonic operation
  • Can be used as a humidifier or air purifier
  • Misting for 3 - 6 hours
  • 120ml water capacity
  • Size: 113mm x 156mm (4.45" x 6.14")
  • AC adapter includedÔªø