Self-Care Bundle - Early Years Leadership

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Self-care is one of the best tools at our disposable to ensure we stay happy, healthy and resilient. It's all about taking time for you to relax and unwind, physically, emotionally and mentally. 

This Self-Care bundle has been created exclusively for the Early Years Leadership and includes four of our self-care favourites!

  • Making Time for Me A4 Self-Care Planner
  • Remindfuls - Mindful Reminders for Tough Times Card Deck
  • Spacemask - Self Warming Eye Mask
  • Offblak Spicy Orange and Ginger Tea

More Information on Each Product

Making Time for Me A4 Self Care Planner

Self-care is such an important part of mental health and looking after ourselves. We designed this 'Making Time for Me' planner to help you build healthy habits which prioritise self-care and help you work these into your daily routine. 

The A4 planner comes with approx. 100 tear-off pages, a board back and a cover, to ensure it stays in tip-top condition. Each page lists the days of the week and all the different types of self-care - emotional, practical, physical, mental, social and spiritual. These prompts are the ideal way to help you identify what self-care you need, and encourages you to make time for it. 

Remindfuls - Mindful Reminders for Tough Times Card Deck

A deck of 50 mindful reminder cards, each designed to comfort, reassure and support you through tough times.

The world can be a heavy place and often life’s challenges can get the better of us. Use this uplifting card deck to help you stay positive, manage your worries and show yourself some much-needed kindness.

Includes a cardboard stand to display your chosen reminder.

Spacemask - Self-Warming Eye Mask

Spacemasks are designed to help you escape the madness of everyday life and leave all your problems behind as you enjoy some much needed relaxation. Each perfectly formed foil pouch contains a fresh and inviting Spacemask, just waiting to help you unwind.

The self-warming eye-masks are infused with the fragrant scent of jasmine to help mellow your tired eyes and ease your worries. The soothing fragrance combined with the heat from the mask will help to sooth your troubles, take some time out from the world and let your cares float away. They're ideal for bedtime as they ease you into a deep and nourishing sleep.

Offblak Spicy Orange and Ginger Tea

Fully Charged festive tea, whether you want to sip your tea wrapped up in a blanket at home, watching the world go by or drink your tea on the go to keep you warm this christmas season, this tea has got you covered in terms of flavour and style!