Neon the Ninja Plush Toy

SKU: 5179

Meet Neon the Nightmare & Night time Ninja! His job is to look after you and to make those pesky nightmares and night time worries smaller and go away. Neon also makes sure that all of the beautiful dreams are kept close by and are protected. Neon is also there to remind you that you have your very own INNER Ninja!

You can write down or draw your worries, hopes, dreams or actual nightmares and then lock them away in Neon's tummy. Neon will then eat or get rid of the nightmares and worries for you. He will keep your hopes and dreams safe. Neon is very good at his job; you are in very safe Ninja hands!

The perfect accompaniment to the workbook, or a brilliant standalone item. For children that are experiencing night time worries and/or nightmares; to comfort and reassure them. 

Neon has his very own special velcro pocket, so that children can write down, draw, and/or lock away their worries, fears, and nightmares. Alternatively, they can also choose to write down or draw their dreams, hopes, and wishes; and Neon will then keep them safe, close by, and protected. The perfect companion for any child.

Height = 14 inches

Not suitable for children under 36 months.

Hand wash only.

Conforms to BS5665 & EN71