Navigating Loneliness: How to Connect with Yourself and Others (A Mental Health Handbook by Cheryl Rickman)

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Solitude – being alone – is often a choice. Loneliness never is.

The good news is that there is a way to live a life-less-lonely, one that is enriched with connection and fulfilment.

This book is a warm hug for anyone who has ever experienced the painful feeling of loneliness; let it be your companion as well as your guide, leading you gently towards greater connection both with yourself and with others.

Through simple directed exercises and helpful resources you will learn how to rethink your relationship with loneliness, reframing it so that you can:

• Explore the benefits of solitude to help you celebrate alone time
• Connect with yourself in order to enjoy and value your own company
• Create better more meaningful relationships with others
• Make quality connections by ensuring the relationships you have are really the best ones for you.

You are not alone.


'This is such an important and timely book filled with valuable guidance. Cheryl explains step-by-step how to assess friendships, build and strengthen connections and get to know yourself better. It's a book which compels you to reconsider how you view alone time and build a life which balances quality connections with the solace that can be found in solitude' -- Jonathan Fields, author, podcaster and founder of The Good Life Project

'This book is a gem! It grabs you by the hand and leads you away from loneliness by providing practical ways to connect more deeply to yourself and others' -- Jen Pastiloff, bestselling author of On Being Human

'At a time of rising loneliness and isolation, this is a timely reminder of the vital importance of our relationships – with each other and also with ourselves too. If we want to move from surviving to thriving, we need to be able to connect more authentically and wholeheartedly with ourselves as well as others. This inspiring book shows how we can find happiness – both together in community and alone in solitude' -- Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness

'My favourite books are the kind you don't just read and put down but that you read and put into action. This is one of those books. It gives the reader a lot to think about but also a lot to do. It's packed with really useful tools and ways to help you get to know yourself better, consider who you want to spend time with and how to connect with your kind of people. A brilliant book I'd recommend to anyone who wants to make the most of time alone or find their tribe' -- Camille Knowles, author and skincare entrepreneur

'Cheryl takes us far beyond the average self-help book with a sound theoretical base and engaging exercises' -- Dr Albert Zandvoort

Book Description

In this highly practical mental health handbook, Cheryl Rickman will help you to navigate your way from loneliness to connection, appreciation and satisfaction – helping you to emerge on the other side equipped with ways to reconnect with other people and with yourself.

About the Author

Cheryl Rickman is a Sunday Times best-selling author, ghostwriter of 19 self-help, wellbeing and business books and a qualified Positive Psychology Practitioner. She specialises in writing empowering, practical books to help people fret less and flourish more and is a Wellbeing Ambassador for the Network of Wellbeing. Her most recent books include: The Happiness Bible, The Little Book of Resilience, The Little Book of Serenity and Be More Wonder Woman. Having qualified with a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology in 2016, Cheryl runs wellbeing retreats and delivers workshops on acceptance, balance and compassion.


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  • 176 pages