Mind Mechanics for Children

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Mind Mechanics is a comprehensive resource to support schools in teaching pupils about mental health. Drawing on a wide range of therapeutic interventions, including CBT, Behavioural Activation and Compassion-Focussed Therapy, it provides activities and lesson plans to empower children with the skills they need to manage their mental health throughout life.

The book contains lesson plans, games and activities, assessment tools and information on risk factors and specific issues that might impact children. It also features photocopiable and downloadable worksheets, making the provision of mental health teaching simple.

Mind Mechanics can be used flexibly as a full programme as part of the school's Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship curriculum, as a targeted intervention for a group or individual, or as a resource bank of individual activities to use as and when needed.


A cornucopia of flexible, fun, evidence-based activities suitable for small group intervention, or as a whole school approach to emotional literacy and skills building. The clear plans and ready-to-go resources, mean you have everything you need to get started right away. Enjoy! -- Dr. Pooky Knightsmith, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Expert

What makes Mind Mechanics so remarkable, is how it supports a non-specialist to deliver an intervention which is underpinned by research and effective practice. It uses a practical, creative approach to support children and young people to develop independent, problem-solving strategies in the face of emotional challenges. -- Donna Lewis, Headteacher, and Kate Jones, SENCo

This book is so well placed to be every DMHL's (Designated mental health leads) support book for interventions. We know we need to be preemptive and proactive however when it comes to actual interventions we also want to make sure they are evidenced based.
Often we are unsure about what interventions we should use as we are not mental health clinicians. Mind mechanics by Sarah Rawsthorn can be used to fill this gap in knowledge and offer DMHL's the confidence to use her book as a targeted resource for those children identified as being vulnerable or with mild to moderate levels of mental health problems . The DMHL has the choice to select particular activities to be used in the school's mental health curriculum or as interventions to meet specific needs.

What I really like about this book and the interventions they offer is the pre and post-intervention assessment tools at the first and last sessions. This enables the school's DMHL to measure the progress of individual children and use these assessments to target further intervention or it provides the evidence needed when making referrals to specialist mental health services.

-- Clare Erasmus, author of The Mental Health and Wellbeing Handbook for Schools

About the Author

Sarah Rawsthorn is the Founder of Mind Mechanics and Director of Edge Inclusion Partners. She has 30 years' experience in the field of neurodiversity and social, emotional and mental health needs as an independent speaker, teacher and Local Authority SEND Advisor. She is based in Cheshire, UK.

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