Little Box of Pick-me-ups Motivational Messages

SKU: 3009

Tough day? Things not going quite as planned? Need a little boost? Just pop a cork for a little pick me up.

This is a set of ten messages designed to motivate and reassure you, perfect for when you're feeling a little crest fallen and are feeling the need to pull yourself together.

The gold foiled box opens to reveal 10 glass tubes, each ready for when you need a little pick me up. Simply pop the cork, pull out the tangerine orange paper, to reveal a little message to help you put the swing back in your step.

These ten glass tube are neatly tucked up into a luxury white box with copper print. The messages inside the glass tubes are printed on pearlescent tangerine orange paper.

*** spoiler alert! ***

Only if you wish to know the exact contents of each tube read on. If you wish for the messages to remain a surprise look away now!

The messages read as follows:

  • 'Stay humble, You're not here to impress anyone except yourself'
  • 'You can and you will'
  • 'Never make permanent decisons on temporary feelings'
  • 'Find some space, focus on you, that is allowed'
  • 'Believe in your capability to get it right'
  • 'It's now or never'
  • 'Only dead fish go with the flow'
  • 'Get back up, brush yourself down, go harder this time'
  • 'You're amazing, remember that'
  • 'Let it go, move on'


  • Made from glass, cork, and paper.
  • Dimensions: Box size is approx 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 1.5 cm, each glass tube is approx 10 cm x 1.3cm