I Would Pick You - Heart Confetti Greetings Card

SKU: 4968

It doesn't matter whatever else is going on in the world, you are one lucky thing. Because out of all the prizes you could have won at the fair, you got the best one of all! And that prize was meeting that special someone who just makes your life more incredible than ever and makes every day that little bit happier. That's why you should never get tired of telling them how much you love them (and you should keep repeating it loud and clear... and in any way you can!) And how can you do that? Well, with the help of this cute Mr. Wonderful card, which is super colourful, happy, cheerful and full of love. You'll find enough space in this card to write, and it also features an exclusive and super fun design illustrating those claw grabbing machines from the arcades; the ones we've all had a go on and tried to win a teddy bear, doll, or something similar. A machine that brightens up your day as soon as you see it, and one that cinema-lovers will of course associate with Toy Story. On top of all that, the card features this message that really pulls on our heart strings: “Of all the people in the world I would pick you”. Meaning that it's perfect for letting family, friends, other halves, or whoever else you feel like know how much you love them.

10 x 15 cm

Love-themed Card featuring a message in English and a picture centred around arcade machines.