I Would Go All Around the Planet With You - Greetings Card

SKU: 4976

Distance isn't an issue when it's just them and you. Especially when it's for that special someone who makes you feel invincible and capable of travelling around the whole world however many times are necessary. Does that ring any bells? Well, if you feel the same, and you feel the real need to write down those beautiful feelings to that special someone who makes your heart race, you need this amazing card! This is a super special card to declare your love, and one designed at Mr. Wonderful when we were feeling on top of the world! That's why the message on this colourful, happy, and original card says, “I would go all around the planet with you”. This card is ideal for giving along with any gift or on any special occasion, as an extra special touch one day, or just because (sometimes we just don't need any other reason). You'll have enough space inside so that you can write whatever you feel like and we're completely sure that with this card, that "spatial" someone will be blown away by your affectionate side. 

10 x 15 cm