How to Be Perfectly Imperfect: Stop Comparing, Start Living (Book by Candi Williams)

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Break free from the clutches of perfectionism and start loving yourself a little more.

Do you feel social pressure to have the “perfect” life, the “perfect” job and the “perfect” body?

Do you magnify your flaws and play down your strengths?

Then this book is for you.

Bursting with thought-provoking tips, tricks and affirmations, it’ll help you quieten your inner critic, squash your self-doubt and be kinder to yourself.

Because you are more than “good enough” – and it’s time you recognised it.

Candi Williams is a published author, word nerd and plant mum who lives in beautiful Bristol. She’s written books on everything from iconic women to the surprising joys of being single and perfectly imperfect – mostly in her pyjamas. When she’s not tapping away, you’ll probably find her cooking up something delicious, eating up something delicious, unwinding in a pilates/yoga/mindfulness class or finding an excuse to drink wine with lovely friends. As an outstandingly clumsy human, she generally tries to avoid enjoying yoga and wine simultaneously – for obvious reasons.