Happy Confident Me Conversation Cards

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We know all too well that extracting information or simple chat from our kids can be almost impossible at times!

The Happy Confident Me Conversation Cards are split into five colour categories, and can be used as a full deck of 50 questions, or in separate sections by type.

  • Yellow = Family Life
  • Purple = Daily Life
  • Green = Feelings
  • Blue = Future Plans
  • Pink = Fun Stuff

With tons of ways to play for two or more players, you can even use them to learn new ways to ask your kids how their day was (and even to share yours too!). With one pack of Happy Confident Me Conversations cards, the whole family can find new ways to talk, share, and discover more about each other than ever before.

With a total of 50 cards split into five sections each of 10 colour-coded cards, there are so many different ways to play, helping you to:

  • Have fun as a family
  • Better understand each other
  • Better communicate with one another
  • Share more about your lives
  • Increase your appreciation of each other
  • Enjoy planning future activities together

How to Play

  • Pick a card at random, read it out loud and choose someone to answer.
  • Deal a card to each person in the family, and take it in turns to answer your cards.
  • Shuffle the pack , choose a card, and then everyone gets to answer.
  • Select the blue cards only (Plans), choose one at random and as a family plan your next adventure.
  • Use the purple cards for conversations starters with kids who are less conversational after school!
  • Use only the pink cards and enjoy a short word based game or challenge.
  • Green cards only - let's chat about feelings and emotions.
  • if you want to create some new family rules, appreciate each other more, or recall great family times - just choose yellow...