Gratitude Tree

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Turn over a new leaf. Stay rooted. Extend an olive branch. Trees are inherently metaphorical. In the case of this “living” art project, the tree stands for your ever-growing gratitude.

Write what you’re most thankful for on the leaves, fold them up, and place them in the branches. It’s a simple way to stop and appreciate what you’ve got and helps to keep the sources of your gratitude at the forefront of your mind. As you fill up the tree, it turns into a beautiful home decor piece and an ongoing reminder of all the good in your life. 


  • Made from paper and plantane wood
  • Paper leaves included
  • Arrives flat-packed, with easy assembly.
  • Tree dimensions: (L)12.5"/32cm (W) 12"/30cm 
  • Leaf Dimensions: (L) 5cm (W) 2.1cm

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