Freya's Funny Feeling
Freya's Funny Feeling
Freya's Funny Feeling
Freya's Funny Feeling

Freya's Funny Feeling

Samia Quddus

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Freya's Funny Feeling captures the 'butterflies in your tummy' idiomatic expression in a visual and light-hearted way. This is a story both children and grown ups alike will most certainly know all too well about.

A beautifully illustrated book which explores those feelings of worry, anxiety, excitement, sadness, feeling nervous and more and how they can give you a strange feeling in the tummy!


Freya has a funny feeling in her tummy again and she doesn't know why. She has tried a few different ways to make the funny feeling go away but it just keeps coming back. Freya's parents tell her it has something to do with butterflies in her tummy!

A surprised Freya wonders what are butterflies doing in her tummy.


Freya's Funny Feeling is a paperback picture book aimed at children aged 4-7 years. Inspired by conversations with children who have found the idea of butterflies in their tummy a baffling concept, Freya's Funny Feeling recognises and acknowledges uneasy feelings experienced in various social situations. 

Using the analogy of the butterfly cycle, the story cleverly draws an association between Freya's anxious and sometimes excitable feelings and the 'butterflies in your tummy ' idiom helping young readers to visualise the two concepts simultaneously. 

Catchy language through the use of alliteration and simple rhyming patterns makes Freya's Funny Feeling a pleasurable story to read. Visually there are many different communities represented across the book so children of many walks of life and cultural backgrounds can identify with the characters.


  • Paperback
  • 32 pages