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Scentered Escape Therapy Balm - 5g in Gift Tin

Scentered Escape Therapy Balm - 5g in Gift Tin


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Scentered aromatherapy balms are designed to help you stay centred, take a moment for yourself so you can breathe in positivity and calm. Apply the balm to your pulse points on your wrist, neck and temples and breathe deeply to inhale the scent to reset your mood.

The Escape Therapy Balm is perfect for when you yearn for a change of scenery and need to lift your spirits, with notes of oud, frankincense and sandalwood. Each balm is small and portable, and comes in a stylish gift tin.

All Scentered balms are rich and nourishing and made from a blend of Moringa and Shea butters to ensure a non-greasy finish on the skin and to help to fragrance last longer, throughout the day.

Made from 100% natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. Suitable for vegetarians. Cruelty free, never tested on animals.