Compliment Colouring Pencil Set

SKU: 5834

We all deserve a compliment, especially when we're getting creative! This set features ten colouring pencils in ten different colours, each featuring an uplifting message. The messages are as follows:

  • Yellow - "You are actual sunshine"
  • Orange - "Everybody is rooting for you"
  • Red - "Your heart is so big"
  • Pink - "You're such a good friend"
  • Purple - "You warm up any room"
  • Light blue - "You make it look easy"
  • Dark blue - "You radiate confidence"
  • Green - "Your dedication is impressive"
  • Brown - "You're better than coffee"
  • Black - "How'd you get so strong?"

  • Set of 10 sharpened colouring pencils
  • Packaged in an acetate sleeve with paper tray insert
  • Made in USA