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Breathe Shower Bomb by SHOBU - Shower Bomb - Spiffy

Breathe Shower Bomb by SHOBU


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Leanne and Shelley spent months finding out how they could make their ten minute shower experience more relaxing. They came up with the bath bomb for a shower. SHOBU is the easy to use, no-mess alternative to a bath bomb. It turns your regular shower routine into a luxury spa experience and allows you to have a more meaningful spot of me time. Ideal for those with skin problems or who simply don't have a bath, perfect for everybody!

SHOBU tablets are designed to melt away leaving no residue, oils or colour in the shower, whilst leaving you with a wonderful natural aroma that fills the air for hours afterwards, so that you can relive the feeling as you prepare for the day or evening ahead.


A careful selection of Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Peppermint to help those days when you just need that little bit of help to breathe easy.


If - On those days you have a blocked or stuffy nose and need that little extra natural help to relieve the symptoms.

 When - Use in the morning if you need to clear your head to start the day.

 Why - Eucalyptus is known for opening up the airways, whilst Rosemary relaxes the muscles to enable Peppermint to help you stimulate alertness for clarity and focus.