Bad Mood Buster - A5 Notepad

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Do you ever have those times when you just find yourself in a bad mood and you don't know why? We certainly do. One morning I woke up feeling oddly anxious and really low, so I wrote a blog about how I brought myself out of it (click here to read it). After I wrote the blog, I realised the tool would work really well on a handy notepad, so here it is!

There's five questions to work through - 'how am I feeling?', 'what am I feeling?', 'where am I feeling this?', 'when did this feeling start?' and 'why am I feeling like this?'. Then 'I will...' box on the bottom to action plan and an 'I am...' box for a positive affirmation. 

Work your way through the five questions, to explore your feelings, understand them and hopefully become aware of your triggers. Finish off with a way forward and an uplifting affirmation to carry on your day with a clearer head and a more positive mindset!


  • A5 notepad
  • 50 sheets with a board back
  • Designed by us and printed in the UK