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A Little Box of Romantic Gestures

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Sprinkle some romance into your daily life with this gorgeous Box of Romantic Gestures. This is a stunning gift for your special someone as it contains ten brilliant suggestions for romantic things to do. Just simple, classic and thoughtful ways to fan the flames of romance.

The luxury white box contains ten glass tubes with a suggestion printed onto metallic paper and folded inside.

The suggestions are:

  • Kicking up leaves in the park
  • Toes in the sand dodging the tide
  • Have a date with hot chocolate and the stars
  • Ben & Jerry, Hagen & Das and a spoon to share
  • Watching the sun and a bottle go down
  • Sharing picnic in the lounge under a blanket fort
  • A crackling fire and our own body weight in marshmallows
  • And a bottle of bubbly in a bubbly bath for two
  • Under a summer sun making shapes from passing clouds
  • Waiting for the sun to rise under a thousand blankets.

Ten date nights to remember, memories created, fun had, and happy endings.


  • Made from glass, cork, and paper.
  • Dimensions: Box size is approx 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 1.5 cm, each glass tube is approx 10 cm x 1.3cm
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