Affirmation Water Bottle - Comic

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This unique and inspiring Affirmation Water Bottle is full of positive, self-affirming, self-empowering statements to uplift and inspire children into action daily and promote better mental health and wellbeing, whilst keeping them perfectly hydrated throughout their day.

There are 30 positive affirmations incorporated in this design to teach kids new and positive ways of thinking, and help start each day in an empowered way.

We want to use kind, loving and gentle words of affirmation to help children:

  • reprogram and replace the unkind and negative thoughts,
  • calm low mood, stress and anxiety,
  • boost their self-esteem and confidence,
  • expand their self-love and happiness,
  • believe in themselves and foster a ‘can-do’ attitude,
  • grow their determination, resilience, gratitude and mindfulness,
  • try new things and face challenges with confidence,
  • build a mindset for positive and lasting change.

Every element was crafted with loving intention to inspire children to think the very best of themselves and fall in love with who they are.
  • 600 ML bottle.
  • Made with Eastman Tritan
  • Height: 24 cm. Width: 7cm Weight: 120g.
  • 100% BPA-free.
  • Lightweight and durable; crack-proof, spill-proof.
  • Safe for refrigerator, but not the freezer.
  • Wide-Mouth design makes it easy to fill with ice or fruit, and clean easily

Care Instructions

To preserve the design on the outside we recommend HAND WASH ONLY .
Bottle Brush only to be used to clean the inside of the bottle.