Affirmation Snack and Lunch Box Set - Set of Four

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Q: What's the biggest way in which kids erode their own self-confidence and self-esteem and stop themselves from venturing outside of their limits?
A Their self-talk. It’s automatic and barely noticeable but so limiting “I Can’t”, “I Shouldn’t”, “What if…”. Too many self-sabotaging thoughts and unhelpful negative comments about their own abilities, intelligence, and self-worth, undermining themselves, often in a covert manner every day.

This inspiring Snack and Lunch Box Set is packed with 74 empowering and uplifting affirmations, specially designed to help edit and eliminate negative, limiting beliefs and blockages; and allow children to see themselves in a positive light and grow their self-esteem, confidence, and resilience; and promote their mental health and wellbeing.

Reading and repeating these kind and loving statements whilst having their snack or lunch at school will help them to believe in themselves; love who they are; be their own best friend; and transform their world into one where anything is possible, "Cant" become "Can", and fears and doubts become confidence and certainty.

Discover some supportive affirmations that can help develop a healthy mindset.

With 4 handy sizes at your fingertips, these storage boxes are perfect for carrying nibbles, snacks and lunch. Durable, tight-sealed, lightweight & practical for everyday use.

Roomy enough to store everything from a sandwich to healthy chopped fruits and veggies, rice, pasta and other tasty treats. Neatly store away the containers inside each other when you're done to save space in cupboards and backpacks.

Ideal for nursery, school, work, picnics and eating out. Help to keep everything separate and organised in a lunch bag. Let these beautiful, affirming statements lift them up as they go about their day. Great for storing other things too like crayons, puzzle pieces, beads, Lego but also handy for as kitchen containers for storing leftovers in the fridge.


  • Mini Box:9x9x4.5cm,
  • Small Box:10.5x10.5x5cm,
  • Medium Box:12x12x5.6cm,
  • Large Box:13.5x13.5x6.2cm
  • PP Plastic, 100% BPA-FREE.

Care Instructions

  • Boxes are dishwasher safe.