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A5 Paradise Palms Wellness Planner by Nikki Strange

Nikki Strange

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This A5 Paradise palms wellness planner is the perfect way to help you organise your time & plan for your future in the most fulfilling and exciting way!

This planner has been divided into handy sub sections and categories to make it super easy to organise all your weekly activities, personal goals and inspirations.

With life being so hectic and busy for us all, we know how hard it can be to make time for oneself and to slow down and reflect. With this planner we hope to help you break down your schedules & ensure some 'Me' time in the most fun and inspiring way. Whether you're into yoga, meditation, pottery, rock climbing or singing, use this planner to help schedule more time for the things you love.

With a space to include a mantra for the week and also your reflective mood, this planner is great way to document each week, helping you schedule in more activities that let you play and get creative!

This tropical palm planner has 52 weeks and so can be used as little or as much as required depending on how much you want to fill our planner in!

Printed using vegetable oil inks onto 100 gsm recycled and paper stock making them extremely eco friendly! Proudly made in the UK.