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A5 Notebook - Today Will Be the Best Day of the Week

Mr Wonderful

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Today's your day! There are a thousand and one things that can make today the best day of the week, the most important thing is... wait for it... your mindset. And with a bit of enthusiasm, motivation and a smile from ear to ear, whether it's bucketing it down, your phone has run out of battery in the worst moment ever, or you watch the bus leave just as you get to the stop, you'll have what you need to get over whatever life throws at you and much, much more.

So, when life throws you lemons, make amazing plans to make sure every day of the week (Mondays included) will be the best of all. With that mindset and a lot of space for your amazing ideas that you come up with every single day of the year, we have the perfect (and coolest) notebook for you.

Being spiral bound and with a hard cover make this notebook very convenient and you can use it for a million and one things: taking notes, organising your next trip, or coming up with your plan to get that project of yours up and running. Apart from all that, it includes a sheet of stickers in the front to brighten up its 200 pages.

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