A3 Vision Board by Katie Abey

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The ultimate Vision Board will help to manifest your hearts desires.

This product came to life after the illustrator Katie Abey designed her own vision board, and she started to see all the dreams and ideas she'd been aiming for gradually becoming a reality! 

Taking the time to commit your future goals to pen and paper will make them more likely to come true. The act of putting your dream in to actual words can be so powerful. Sometimes it can be vague, sometimes crystal clear, but either way, having a goal in mind is the first step to making it a reality!

This A3 vision board has...

  • Space for whatever you want to achieve in life! They can be goals to do with self care and mindfulness, career, love and relationships, travel - dream as big as you can! 
  • Loads of little quotes dotted about to enhance the magic!
  • Space to come up with ideas for actions you can start to take - small steps to get you closer to your dreams.
  • And perhaps most importantly there is a section to write down things you currently already have that you are grateful for. This will help you to get on to the positive frequency required to manifest more of what you love. 

The pad is A3 size, perfect to really get stuck in with your plotting!

Each board has a cardboard back and 50 sheets which tear away. Which means you can keep brainstorming your new dreams as they evolve and start becoming reality.