54 Self-Care Ideas Card pack

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When we're running on empty and have nothing left to give, self-care becomes more about survival, as rest-and-recovery mode is initiated. But once we've reached that point, it becomes difficult to make decisions about what self-care looks like for us.

Within this pack are 54 self-care ideas for these exact times. When you've feeling depleted, shuffle the cards and pick one at random to do. If that card doesn't quite resonate with you, then pick another until you find one that does.

Here are some examples of the sorts of things the cards say:

  • pop your favourite film on
  • make that decision you've been putting off, you know the one!
  • do something you enjoyed as a child
  • upgrade a tatty item that has seen better days

Designed exclusively for the Blurt Foundation by the brilliant Stacie Swift.


  • 54 Cards in a pack
  • Card dimensions: 64mm x 90mm