5 Whys Problem Solver A6 Notepad - 50 pages

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Have a problem you can't solve?

The '5 Whys' tool can help you to understand your problem and reach a solution.

How to use:

  1. Write the problem you are facing
  2. Ask the first 'why' - Why is your problem occurring?
  3. Write the answer to your first why in 'Why 1'
  4. Using the answer in 'why 1', ask why the answer in 'why 1' is occurring, then your write your answer in the next 'why'.
  5. Ask why three more times - work sequentially basing your question on the last answer you have written.
  6. An appropriate change or solution should then become more apparent.

This will help you to find the root cause of an issue and uncover why a problem is really occurring. That then helps you to work towards a solution!

50 fully illustrated sheets.