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Lesley brings with her 25 years experience in developing people, and is a qualified coach, NLP practitioner and trainer. Her fun and friendly style make the workshops engaging and insightful and she will help you to find solutions that work for you, so you can make the positive changes you want. 

 "I want people to live the best life they can. We cover topics that I’ve found to have the most positive impact on people’s lives. I simply want to help people live their life by design rather than default.”

You can email Lesley at lesley@howyouthink.co.uk

Coaching Room

Paul has worked in learning and development for most of his career and is a qualified coach and is currently training to be a counselling psychotherapist. His warm and approachable style will help you to work through your issues in a comfortable setting, so you can start living the life you want. 

"I've always felt life doesn't just happen to you, it responds to you. Millions of us accept stress, anxiety and low self-esteem as normal and this doesn't have to be the case. Simple, achievable changes can make a huge difference to your life and I'm so excited to share my experience with people".

Paul also runs Spiffy with Shaun so you can email him on paul@livespiffy.co.uk

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