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Educators play a massive role in the development of children's emotional wellbeing and it is fantastic to see movements towards this being rolled out more frequently in schools and through other educational organisations nation-wide. At Spiffy, we cannot tell you enough just how amazing you are and want to encourage positivity and emotional wellbeing as much as we can. This is why we have developed our education account; to help you to save a bit of money and help keep within tight budgets! 

Our discounts are tiered, depending on the amount you spend and are automatically calculated at the checkout - No code required!

Please take note of the terms and conditions below. 

Yes, I'm in - now what?

  • To enable us to set up an account for you, we need you to fill in the form below. This will give us all the details that we need to get you set up. 
  • Once we've set up your account (usually within 24 hours), we will send you an email to let you know. 
  • You will need to sign into your customer account so that our website knows you are an education account member. Please contact us if you need help! (we will be releasing how-to videos soon!).
  • Our handy pop-up will let you know when you've reached limits for free shipping/minimum spend etc. 
  • As an education account member, you also have the option to pay at checkout or request a pro-forma invoice to be sent to your email. 

This is a new scheme for us so we will be evaluating and developing it as time goes on. If you have any feedback for us of how the process could be improved, please let us know at - we love hearing all types of feedback! 

Educational Bulk Sales Account Registration Form

First Name:


Name of Educational Institution:

Your organisational email address:

Contact Number:

Preferred Payment Method: (please select)

Address of your educational organisation: (for billing and shipping)

Terms and Conditions: 
 • You must register an account with Spiffy to take advantage of our bulk discount. 
 • Accounts can only be registered from an educational institution. 
 • We do not offer bulk discounts for personal use. 
 • Goods purchased must be used for educational purposes. 
 • Goods purchased may not, under any circumstances, be sold-on. 
 • The discount amount applied is based on the cart total, and does not include shipping. 
 • Minimum order amount required to qualify for bulk discount, excluding shipping, is £150.00. 
 • The discount amount is applied to the RRP and does not include any sale or promotional reductions. 
 • Photocopying or reproduction of goods, of any kind, is prohibited by copyright laws unless direct permission is granted by the maker in writing. 
 • We reserve the right to amend and/or withdraw this bulk discount structure at any time. 

Orders are invoiced on a proforma basis. Goods will not be released until payment is received in full. 

Education Account discounts cannot be used for the purchase of gift cards or subsequent top-up amounts. 

 • Shipping fees are calculated using the total cart amount, after discount has been applied. 
 • Free shipping for orders over £250.00. 
 • Orders under this amount will be charged a flat fee of £6.99. 
For a complete list of Terms and Conditions, please refer to our website